Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I got some hairs cut

I got my first hairs cut back forever ago (March 3rd.) The PUs decided that the hairs that fell past my eyes were too long, so they cut them.

I kinda like it. My hair was tickling and getting in my eyes before. Plus, more people recognize me as a boy now. Tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Takin' A Hike...

Some fun stuff has been going on...

I've realized that all the funny sounds the PUs make actually mean stuff. Some of the "words" are starting to make sense to me now. I'm happy about that. I see a lot of potential usefulness there.

I have teeth! They started by coming up from the bottom--four of 'em--and now four are coming down from the top to meet them. I like them. They help me eat stuff. Like broccoli!
From Teldyn's Second Album
We went on a hike yesterday to Ka'ena Point with some folks from the University. The PUs put me in a rucksack so I didn't have to crawl. We walked to the north-western most point of the island, and we saw some whales and a monk seal! The PUs say those are endangered because there are only about 800 left in the world, but that sounds like a lot to me.
From Teldyn's Second Album
The beach had very yummy rocks. I tried to taste as many as I could while we were there. I napped on the way back to the car.
From Teldyn's Second Album
And the biggest, funnest news of all... Well, I'll let the video speak for itself:

Walking is super fun!! Nona suggested that the PUs get me my own pair of hiking boots for the next hike. I think that's a great idea! Yeah, don't worry about carrying me, Dad. I got this. Haha!