Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Year

I've been alive one whole year already.  Phew!  That was tough.  I've been learning so much.  Luckily, the hardest stuff is behind me now, I'm sure.  It just gets easier from here, right?

We had a great party the night before my birthday out at Aunt Connie and Uncle Lee's house. I got to see my friend Jasper and his parents, John and Mena. They bought me a great floatie that I can't wait to try out! Also, I got to play in my new pool with Jasper and lots of little yellow duckies! I kept throwing them onto the grass so they could be free, but Auntie Connie and Daddy kept putting them back in the water. Maybe they were safer there?
From Teldyn's Second Album

I got to run all over the lawn, the house, the porch, the gravel (not as much fun as the lawn) and I even got to play drums with Uncle Lee. Oh, and I had the best time ever trying to catch and pet RC, the cat. She was real crafty, hiding behind the couch and running around the sofa - but I wouldn't give up!  Well, until the grown-ups let her outside... I almost had her, though.

I also got to eat a lot of goodies, like strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, hummus, cherries, and more. Best of all, I got to stay up 3 1/2 hours past my bedtime! Yep, that's right - there was so much to see and play with and laugh at that I didn't even notice how late it was until I was in my car seat on the way home. At least, I think I made it to my car seat because I definitely woke up in my bed. Maybe it was all a dream? Just joking, there's photos to prove it was real! (Grown ups can't photograph dreams, can they?)

On my birthday, Mommy and Daddy and I chilled at home and played with duplos. I even got to show off my mad skills by sticking the duplos together for the first time - it seems like that could be even more fun than taking them apart! I also skyped with Aunt Fara, and Nona sang to me over the phone.

I've taken on a lot of new responsibilities in my old age, like "tickling" my teeth before I go to bed and helping Mommy and Daddy guide the spoon when I eat. Plus, I know how to open the dishwasher, reach the dials for the stove, open the oven, turn on and off the washing machine, open the screen door to the backyard, take the dvds off the shelves and more!  For some reason, the PUs don't seem particularly happy about all these newfound skills. 

I start swimming lessons next week, the same day I go in for my annual check up. Dad says I'll have to do these every year from now on - wow, that sounds like a lot.
From Teldyn's Second Album

For all my fans, thanks for sticking with me throughout the year. I am definitely feeling the love and look forward to the years to come.  Muah!