Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 Years old and lots more

Ok fans, I know it’s been a while, but we’ve had so much going on. I’ll cover the important stuff first. My baby sister Naelahl Sarah Lorraine Brodie arrived on 20 May. Mommy and Daddy had to stay at the hospital for a few days. I didn’t like that they weren’t at home; the first night I woke up wanting to see them, but Nona said the hospital was closed so I told her to "open it." Full sentences come in handy sometimes, don’t they? Anyway, back to my baby sister – she’s cute and I like her. I make a point of reminding the PUs every chance I get by asking to hold her,

singing to her, kissing and hugging her, and helping them take care of her. She weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 21inches long when I first met her at the hospital. She has really tiny hands and feet and blue eyes. She’s nearly 6 weeks old already and has already gotten bigger. I think it’s because she eats and sleeps so much.

I’m back in swim lessons now. I can swim really good but have forgotten how to float; the PUs tell me I can have more fun at the pool if I get my float back but I love the pool so much already that it’s hard to imagine having even more fun there.

We’ve had a lot of visitors, too. Nona, Grandpa Mike, and Aunty Niki all came for Daddy’s graduation. Everyone sure seemed to think it was a big deal – Daddy even had to wear a special green nightgown with a funny hat. Everyone else was wearing them, too, though so he was hard to find in the crowd. Anyway, now Daddy is officially a historian. Or something like that. Nona and Grandpa Mike stayed till after Naelahl was born so that they could keep me company while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital.

I’ve learned to count and I can nearly sing the entire ABCs by myself – though I prefer Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I sing both to Naelahl when she’s being changed; she seems to like them.

I met a new PU called Aunty Martha. She lives with Gramma Grace and I love going to her house. She has a fish that hides and we catch geckos, feed birds, count stairs, and have a great time. I can’t wait to go back.

I also got to spend a lot of time with my friends and neighbors. They are a great bunch; we had a big birthday party for one of my friends and then there was a block party and then my birthday party.

Nona, Mommy, Daddy, Naelahl and I went to the Bishop Museum and we saw lots of big dinosaurs that moved their heads, tails, mouths, and teeth. They were really scary; fortunately, I clung to Daddy and Mommy to keep them from biting me. After a while though, I realized they hadn’t bitten anyone, so then I took Nona back so that I could show them all to her. I liked them when I left and still talk about them a lot. Mommy, Daddy, Naelahl and I just went back the other day and I was still scared at first but after a while I was pulling Mommy around wanting to see the "big dinosaur" (T-rex,) the "mommy dinosaur" (apotosaurus/brontosaurus -like sizemasaurus.) Mommy even taught me to say triceratops.

We also went to the zoo again. We've now been twice in about 3 weeks. I love seeing the "elephants, diraffes, zebas, lions, big turtles, monkeys, parrots, famingos, crocidohs", and so many other animals. This last time we went to a new part that I'd never been to before. It was a special place just for kids. There was a petting zoo and a really big fish tank for some really really big fish. They're called koi.Also at the zoo, Daddy showed me how to get really really close to a peacock.

My birthday party was a lot of fun. "Uncle" Ojay drew chalk dinosaurs for me, Mommy made a cake with a dinosaur on it and even put dinosaur pictures up everywhere. Just about all of my neighborhood friends came by and had lots of fun with me. I really like this birthday party idea. Especially the cake I'd never really had a piece of cake before. I want to have more very soon.

Well, I hope this helps you see what I've been up to recently. I hope to read your comments soon.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick update (more detailed one soon)

My Baby Sister . . .

After months of hearing about her and telling her to come out of Mommy’s tummy, my baby sister finally arrived at the hospital on Friday 20 May. Her name is Naelahl Sarah Lorraine Brodie; she weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 21 inches long. When she came out, the pediatrician exclaimed “She’s perfect!” She has blue eyes and really tiny hands and feet and ears. I like pointing them out. I visited her, Mommy and Daddy in the hospital until they were ready to come home. Now she’s been home for almost a month and I love having her here. She’s fun to hold, to kiss, to hug, to sing to, and just to watch. She cries a bit but then I tell her she’ll be okay and I give her more hugs. She eats and sleeps a lot, too.

Here is a family portrait. These and other pictures will soon be added to the second album.

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