Friday, September 11, 2009

And we're back!

Sorry again for the delay. My biographers haven't been around as much. Plus this whole growing thing (constant eating and sleeping) takes up a lot of my day.

Things around the house have changed recently. The grandparents, Nonna and Grandpa Mike, showed up August 13th. (That's a total of five PU's for those of you keeping track.) The original PU's have all started school now, so they're around in shifts. Mom goes to work four days, Dad goes to school three days, and Auntie fills in the gaps--of course, the two additional PU's help a lot. This also means that I'm on the bottle now during most days of the week.

Nonna bought a new sling in Guatemala for Mom to carry me. I like it. It's roomy and quite colorful. It's made going places easier.

I went to a work picnic. I wore my networking onsie but spit up on it before I could meet many people. Don't you hate when that happens? I've been shopping a few times, checked out a restaurant called Genki Sushi, and went to more movies.

At my two month check-up, I weighed 12lbs 8oz and was 25.25'' long. My dad tells me that I may want to hang onto those quarter and half inches while I can.

The PU's have nicknamed me thunder pants. They laugh about something called "Thunder Cats," and when my diaper rumbles, they say "Thunder... thunder... thunder... thunder pants Uh-OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!"

Nonna and I hang out a lot. She's always holding me, except when I'm sleeping, .... I think. She's funny, she's constantly moving, talking, making noises that I've never heard anyone make (French as well as various sound effects) and making me smile. Oh yeah, I smile now. Nonna's fun. I hope she sticks around.

I've discovered my hands. I realize now that they are in fact mine, and also that they taste good. I'm still getting the hang of controlling them, though. I scratched my face. They cut my nails. Oh yeah, and my neck is stronger, so my head's not so floppy--that's cool.

I'm starting to learn what I like and don't like. I don't like my swing as much anymore. I like to be carried--not held while people are sitting down, but carried while they're standing. Unless I'm being held in a way that allows me to stand on my feet. We call this "lap surfing." I still dislike "tummy time "--can't do anything in that position--although, I can accept it if I'm lying on the yoga ball and being rolled back and forth (Nonna discovered that game... love it). I dislike getting my diaper changed but like being dry. I enjoy baths more now; reminds me of the warm place from before, and its just fun. I really only like being in my carrier seat if it's being bounced on the yoga ball or in the running car. The PU's all seem to be quick learners about my preferences, so we're all glad for that.

Sleeping, eating, playing, smiling, getting what I want... I think I'm gonna be pretty good at this life thing. Again, sorry for the delay in updates, but thanks for stickin' by me. There were some techinical difficulties with my photo album, so those of you who posted comments on them in the past, they've been lost. I'm sorry. I do hope that you're all doing well, and I can't wait to read your new comments--I won't delete them this time.