Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inch Worm Kisses

In the above video you will see that I was being seriously accosted by wormus gigantus nicoleus.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Four Months of Firsts

I'm almost four months old already. Can you believe it? So old... so old. I feel like I've accomplished quite a bit, though.

I celebrated my first Jewish Holiday called Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) when my grandparents were still here (The G-PU's left a few weeks ago but will be back soon).

I celebrated my daddy and grandpa's birthdays. They keep track of their ages in years--are those long? They've collected more years than I have fingers and toes, so that's a super lot. For Daddy's birthday we went to a restaurant with an aquarium inside. A funny lady with a strange face was in the water with a sign that said "Happy Birthday, Chuck." Is Chuck my dad's secret identity? 'Cause if so, that lady blew it.

I went on my first boat ride and swam at the sandbar in Kaneohe Bay. Nonna took me in the water in my "Coast Guard Approved" life vest which I was not a fan of. Then Nonna took it off and just held me in the water, which was much better. Auntie Nikki held an umbrella over me because Mom was really concerned about my skin in the sun. I'm excited to learn how to swim. I got to watch infant swimming lessons. The babies were crying the whole time, but they sure could move in the water.
I started going to daycare on Mondays now. Auntie Nikki drops me off and Mom or Dad pick me up. It's fun there. I like to watch the other kids play.

I went to see a show with Shaolin monks. There were bright colors, fast movements, and loud noises. When I wasn't eating or sleeping, I liked it. After the show, we met up with Auntie Carin and Emalee at a restaurant that served Egyptian food. The PU's sure seemed to like the stuff. I wasn't too happy with it, so I fell asleep on Auntie Carin's shoulder.

I'm talking a lot these days. Sometimes I shout too, but the PU's don't seem to understand what I'm saying either way.

I really enjoy books. They're fun during tummy time. It's strange, though, even with the different colors, each page tastes the same. I'll have to find more books, I guess.

It turns out that I. LOVE. DOGS!!! They are even more fun to watch than the glow screens that the PU's stare at sometimes. The doggies make me laugh and laugh, which makes the PUs laugh too. It's a little weird when Hoku licks my face, but the PUs say it's slobber/drool karma.

I got to meet Grandma Dee from Oregon on Skype. I like her. Mommy says that I'm gonna see a bigger version of her when I go to Oregon for Thanksgiving. I'll also get to meet the people who've been sending me cool gifts like my cousin Payton!

I like to grab things these days--like both my feet at the same time and pull them over my head. Can you do that? I also like to grab onto the PUs' hair and gnaw on fingers; actually, I'll pretty much gnaw on anything I can get my mouth on... but I hear that's normal for Americans.
I'm supposedly "getting heavy," but we'll see what the doc says at the end of the month. I think that about does it for this update. See? Only four months and already I've done so much!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Poem From Grandpa Mike

Dear Teldyn,

Your first name came from Mommy and there's likely none the same.
Your second came from Daddy, and its had its share of fame:
The man who made the cotton gin and the school we know as Yale
Were both named Eli just like you, each one a special tale.

Your father's name is Charles, and this he got when he was born.
It is my father's father's name so the strand would not be torn.
We name our sons and daughters after those we cannot see
To be a sure reminder of the ones who used to be.

There is another Brodie and she loves you very dear.
She's living here beside you and you bring each other cheer.
You make her smile and bring her joy, and she gives it back to you.
She's Auntie, and her name's Nicole; but she has another, too.

Her middle name is Vera, and it was my mother's first.
And though I speak it rarely it still satisfies my thirst
To know that all the special things she was to me from birth
Are carried in a soul so rare, of caring and great worth.

When she was born my father, Eli, thanked me for her name.
He loved his Vera dearly and I would not bear the blame
Of breaking faith with either one and so I carried through,
And therefore gave the name to her which, happily, means 'true.'

The woman who I've known so long and proudly call my wife
Still makes me glad of what she's done to build our married life.
To see her love you as her own is such a special joy,
And you, sweet Teldyn, are so blessed and lucky, baby boy.

You hear us speak of "Nonna" and I also say "Nanou."
She makes me smile and makes me laugh to see how she loves you.
The love she gave to Daddy and then Auntie Nicole,
Now flows to you unbounded, still pure and sweet and whole.

Your father, Charles, is quite a man who served his country well,
And now serves you and Mommy better than mere words can tell.
He loves you so and this I know for I see it in his face
When he looks at you his eyes do shine, and he's in a special place.

You put him there because you're you, there is no other reason,
But time will pass and you will grow from season unto season.
I'm sure he feels as I did once that he couldn't love you more,
But you both will feel the blessings that tomorrow has in store.

And then there's Mommy, sweet and strong, I see it when she feeds you.
You cannot do without her, but I also know she needs you.
You once were safe inside her, but now take your chances here;
But she can see and hold you now. Each day you are more dear.

She talks to you and in her voice I hear her love and pride.
I watch her turn your pain to laughter after you have cried.
So many things she has to do to make it through this life,
And all done well, I'm glad to say, great worker, mother, wife.

We don't know all the things we should that get our children set
To sail life's troubled waters, but when we repay the debt
Of precious love that came to us from the ones who gave us life,
We have the chance to laugh and love and lessen others' strife.

I hope we're all together when at last these words you read,
But if that doesn't come to pass at least my mind is freed
That all who still remain on Earth with all their "don'ts" and "dos"
Won't have the strength to steer you from the path in Life you choose!

Grandpa Mike