Tuesday, April 12, 2011

21 - nearly 22 months old!

Wow - so much to talk about. I went to my first birthday party over the weekend; there were lots of kids there, but most seemed way too focused on boring things like cakes and presents. I liked the bubbles, the parachutes, the bikes, the balls, and especially the water fountain! They were so much more interesting - and the water fountain was cold! I especially enjoyed eluding Mommy while making a run for it.

Let's see - new developments:

I love riding tricycles and Uncle Ojay (our neighbor) even got me one of my own - it's super cool with a bin on the back for carrying and dumping things - like balls, leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, crayons, chalk - you get the idea. And best of all, sometimes Daddy will ride it and let me stand on the back! Daddy uses the pedals, but he doesn't seem to go much faster than I do when flintstoning with my feet. I've also met quite a few kids around the neighborhood who sometimes let me ride their big bikes and scooters - with Mommy and Daddy's help, of course.

There are also several babies about and I get to hold them when I sit down and say please; they have such tiny ears, noses, hands, fingers, hair, toes, feet, and more! I really love holding them and helping Mommy hold them, especially baby Keilani. Sometimes I go to check on them when I hear them crying. I know from going to daycare that they usually need toys or their pacifier, so I'm always on the alert.

New words - uhm, there's a lot. And I also like the occasional sentence every now and then. I know how to say my name and tell people when it's my turn. I finally started saying both "elephant" and "rooster" since it seemed to make the PUs happy (I still make the noises, though). I'm getting quite good at this whole talking thing - for example, we Skyped with Grandma Dee and I told her all about pumpkins while I helped Mommy gut them. Just yesterday (Monday, April 10) I Skyped with Aunty Nikki and Uncle Jarrett.

I've learned how to get my own tangerines from the counter, how to peel them, and how to eat them. I admit - that fruit basket idea is awesome! It has bananas, tomatoes sometimes, tangerines, pears, and every other type of deliciousness one could want! I can't wait for Mommy or Daddy to look the other way - that's right, look out fruit -- here I come!

I jump off of anything and everything I can climb, even if it's a lot taller than me. I also like swinging on the rope swing outside our yard, rolling down the hill with Daddy, and racing on the tricycle down our long road.

I've gotten really good at helping Mommy and Daddy with washing my diapers (pushing and carrying the buckets and moving stuff to and from the washer and dryer), unloading the dishwasher, taking dry clothes (and diapers) to the couch, picking up, putting groceries away, feeding the dogs, giving Lili her pill, baking (I like to stir), singing, napping, and sleeping the night through (7:30p - 6:00a.)

The PUs have instituted this strange idea called "Time Out." I have to say, I'm not a fan. But it seems like if I stay away from the stove, don't hit, don't climb on top of my toy shelf, and a few other things, then I don't have to worry much. I have to admit, it really cleared up "Hot" for me. Now, even in the bath, I give one of my fish a time out for touching something hot. It seems to make Mommy laugh and helps me remember about the stove - it's HOT. 

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