Friday, May 21, 2010

Overdue Update

Hi neighbors! Sorry for the long com-munications delay. My biographers have been crazy busy lately.

Daddy really wanted me to do an environmental piece; so I'm gonna talk a little about solid waste. No, not the stuff in my diapers but diapers themselves. I use the cloth reusable kind, and the PUs tell me that it's one of the many ways that they're trying to leave me a world that's not overflowing with trash. Disposable diapers are made of plastic and when they're thrown "away" the plastics don't disappear. Ever. They may eventually photo-degrade, meaning the materials break down into tiny pieces that leach into soil and water.

Yes, reusable diapers use more water in their cleaning, but they're biodegradable if they ever do get thrown out, they're cheaper in the long run (especially if/when I start sharing with my sibling(s)), I've had almost no diaper rash, and Mommy says that babies in cloth diapers potty train much faster. I don't know what that is, but the PUs seem to like the idea.

If anyone wants to learn more about using cloth diapers, please contact the PUs. They'd love to help more people become comfortable with this method. And I want to play in and enjoy this cool world the same way all of you saw it, so thanks for listening.

Anyway, back to my update... At my 9 month check-up I was 30 inches long/tall, with an 18 inch head and weighed 20 lbs 12 ozs, then a month later I was about 22 lbs. I'm still in the 90th percentile for my height and 50th percentile for my weight and head size. Yay me and my vegetarian diet.

I am walking much better and can stand all by myself. No couch, no walls, no nothin'--just me, my hands, feet and I'm off and running.... ouch... okay, walking. [Don't get me wrong, I love a good crawl as much as the next person, but walking is where it's at. It goes just under being carried or being thrown.] I'm waving and clapping my hands like its about to go out of style. If I want to get a wild response out of the PUs I just clap or stick out my tongue; and they really love it when I bend my legs and bobble my head -- they call it "dancing". They are my puppets.

(My Monday) daycare is less scary. The other kids are kinda cool when they're not bumping into me and knocking' me over. Plus it's just a cool place to hang out. There are so many toys. I didn't know they were for me too. Sweet. That's me with Leilani, my daycare lady.

Auntie Nikki had a birthday party. Neat idea: boating, laughing, singing and dancing just for keeping it real on the mortal coil. I dig it. It was a lot of fun. I stayed up so late watching everyone have fun. Plus, Auntie Nik may have been the star outside the boat cabin, but inside, it was all me. I danced with Auntie Carin who nearly put me to sleep. Normally, that would be awesome, I love the napping, but I was having fun watching everyone. What's funny, though, is that it seemed for a while that she almost put herself to sleep.

My puppets.

We went to the beach again. I wanna go more. It was so peaceful. Mom, Dad and I walked the beach and when we came back I took a nap.

I've been sleeping much better through the night. I play better on my own -- I like my rings. I can put down a lot of food now, and I've added hummus and watermelon to my list of yummies.

I love bubbles! Daddy and Auntie Nikki sometimes use the fan in the kitchen to throw the bubbles all over the downstairs. I wonder where those glistening spheres go when I touch them. It's so cool to watch them and to watch the doggies eat them. I've tried to eat them--not very tasty. Maybe I'll leave them for the doggies to eat. Maybe.

Let's see, what else...climbing the stairs is so much fun. I like going up. For a while I didn't even bother with going down. As of about May 1st, I liked going down the stairs too. Not as safely as going up, as I like to do this skiing thing down; that scares the crap out of the PUs, but I enjoy it. I even climbed a few steps up a step ladder before mommy stopped me. I was so tall. Hee hee.

Nona showed up again. She is so much fun. She's always so happy. She talks and sings to me in funny sounds. (The PUs call it the French, or something.) We spend quite a bit of time together.

Everyone finished their schools. Auntie Nik got her certificate, Mommy finished her semester's class and Daddy finished another semester. Seems like this school stuff lasts a really long time. I guess they must like it if they're still doing it though.

When we don't go to the beach, the PUs (including Nona these days) set up the sprinkler in the back yard for me. It's kind of a love-hate relationship since the water is so cold. But it's good, kinda thrilling. I'll let you see for yourselves.

As always make sure you check out my albums to see new photos that have been added. I can't wait to read your comments!